Ultimate Guide to Sublimation Heat Press Settings

Ultimate Guide to Sublimation Heat Press Settings

Are you tired of struggling to achieve the perfect sublimation transfer? Do your sublimation heat press settings constantly lead to blurry or faded images? The delicate balance of temperature, pressure, and time required for successful sublimation can be frustrating and overwhelming. But with the right guidance, you can master the art of sublimation and create stunning, high-quality transfers every time.

We have provided a detailed table with descriptions to help you overcome the challenges of sublimation heat press settings.

Sublimation Heat Press Settings Chart

Polyester Fabric300 to 400 FLight to Medium50 to 60 secPre-press to eliminate moisture and use a vapor foam kit.
Polyester Blend Fabric375 to 390 FLight to Medium55 to 65 secPre-press to eliminate moisture and use a vapor foam kit.
Ceramic Mugs350 to 400 FMedium150 to 210 sec.Wrap it in butcher paper for pressing and cool it down after the paper is removed.
Hardboard360 to 400 FMedium40 to 80 sec.Cool it down for 10 minutes before peeling off the transfer paper
Metal/Aluminium (Unisub)380 to 400 FMedium50 to 60 sec.Remove the plastic coating before pressing.
Metal/Aluminium (Other Brands)380 to 400 FMedium50 to 60 secRemove the plastic coating before pressing
Plywood390 to 410 FMedium50 to 60 secProduct face up with transfer paper
Ceramic Tiles or Glass390 to 400 FMedium300 to 720 secPress tiles into the silicon pad and press them from the back.
Unisub Products380 to 410 FMedium50 to 60 sec.Remove the plastic coating before pressing.
Vapor Apparel380 to 390 FMedium45 to 55 secUse a vapor foam kit to reduce press lines.
Fire Retardant Products380 to 400 FMedium60 to 70 sec.Remove the plastic coating before pressing.


Figuring out the heat press setting is crucial for effective printing. The pressure and temperature settings of the heat press change depending on the substrate. It is essential to have a general idea about different surfaces and settings for them, and hopefully, the article has helped you in this regard. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the temperature setting appropriate to heat press a t-shirt?

For polyester or polyester blend t-shirts, the temperature should be set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and pressed for 60 seconds for effective results.

What temperature is appropriate for heat press when using a toner?

If using toner, the starting temperature should be 380 degrees Fahrenheit for nearly all types of surfaces unless specified by the manufacturer.

Is pressure necessary for sublimation?

Yes, as pressure allows the heat to distribute evenly across the substrate. If pressure is not applied, the uneven distribution of heat can cause spots on the surface of the material you use for sublimation.

How to avoid the ineffective transfer of prints from the transfer paper?

The effective transfer of prints to substrate depends on various factors. Among them, the placing of sublimation paper and setting are important ones. The paper should be firmly planted on the substrate under appropriate temperature and pressure for effective print transfer.

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