Master the Art of Loading Sublimation Paper – A Beginner’s Ultimate Guide!

Master the Art of Loading Sublimation Paper – A Beginner’s Ultimate Guide!

Are you struggling to get the perfect print while using sublimation paper? The frustration of ruined prints and wasted materials can be overwhelming. The key to achieving flawless results lies in understanding how to put sublimation paper in the printer correctly.

It might seem daunting if you’re a beginner, but don’t worry! Our comprehensive guide is here to remove your stress and transform your sublimation printing experience. With easy-to-follow instructions and expert tips, you’ll quickly gain confidence in your sublimation printing skills, leading to higher-quality prints and reduced waste.

How to Put Sublimation Paper in Printer

Once the printer is set up and sublimation inks are installed, it’s time to put sublimation paper in the printer. 

Step 1. Open Paper Holder

To open the paper holder, squeeze the top and pull the holder out. Slide the closed areas you will see from the center to the sides to fit your paper in.

Step 1. Open Paper Holder

Step 2. Feed the Paper

Put the sublimation paper in the printer holder with the print side down. You will notice that one side of sublimation is brighter than the other. You have to print on the brighter side, so put the paper with the brighter side face down. 

Step 2. Feed the Paper

Step 3. Adjust the Settings

After you have fed the paper, push the paper holder in and get to the printer screen for settings to set up Wi-Fi. After you are finished and connected to the printer, it’s time to start printing.

Step 3. Adjust the Settings


Sublimation paper is a vital requirement for your ideal prints on paper with excellent quality sublimation promises. Feeding the paper in the printer correctly can save you from the trouble of low-quality results on the paper. It would help if you chose the right side of the sublimation paper for prints that manufacturers differentiate by adding brightness. So whenever you feed the paper, ensure the brighter side faces down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use standard paper for sublimation?

Ordinary paper can be used with sublimation ink, but you won’t get the results you expect with sublimation. As the standard paper is not a suitable carrier of sublimation ink, sublimation paper is recommended for sublimation. Sublimation paper has a special coating that perfectly holds the inks and renders flawless prints with sublimation ink.

What is the sublimation best paper to use for sublimation?

A-Sub Sublimation paper is best for sublimation as it has a transfer rate of 98%, which is the highest range with sublimation papers in the market. Furthermore, the paper has an adequate thickness not to get jammed in the printer.

Can I transfer prints on sublimation paper to mugs?

Yes. Sublimation paper is ideal for transfer as it effectively transfers prints to other surfaces under heat and pressure.

Can I transfer sublimation prints to a dark surface?

The prints on sublimation paper can be transferred to fabric, and light-colored cloth is always recommended for ideal prints. But the prints can be transferred on dark fabric by applying white coating before applying heat and pressure for prints transfer.
Refer to our guide on how to carry sublimation on dark t-shirts.

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