How to Convert Epson WorkForce Printer to Sublimation

How to Convert Epson WorkForce Printer to Sublimation

Getting into sublimation printing is easy, and a sublimation printer is its primary requirement. You can purchase a new sublimation printer or convert an existing one for sublimation. Purchasing an actual sublimation printer is costly, so converting to a regular printer is preferred. It costs significantly less than a dye sublimation printer.

Epson Workforce models are affordable and convenient for conversion. Here we will walk you through effectively converting the Epson WorkForce printer to sublimation by converting Epson WF 2750 for great results.

Requirements to Convert Epson WorkForce Printer to Sublimation

To convert the printer for sublimation, you will require a standard printer. You can choose any available WorkForce model for conversion. If you buy a new printer, it will come with ordinary ink and a two-year warranty. You don’t have to use standard ink and buy sublimation ink instead. It can be purchased from any third-party ink vendor, and as the Workforce models are meant to be used with traditional genuine ink, using third-party ink voids the warranty. So you can’t expect any technical support or guarantee after you pour sublimation ink into the printer. But don’t let that stop you, as you can always rely on the helpful videos on Youtube and Facebook groups to tackle any issue yourself.

So sublimation ink is another main requirement along with the printer. We have selected Epson Workforce 2750 printer for conversion as the printer is affordable and renders high-quality, consistent results with sublimation ink.

Materials Required

You need the following material to convert Epson Workforce 2750 for sublimation:

How to Convert Epson WF 2750 to Sublimation Printer

Follow the following steps for conversion.

Step 1. Fill Ink Tank

Step 1. Fill Ink Tank

First, fill the ink tanks of WF 2750 with sublimation ink. You must use syringes to transfer the sublimation ink from bottles to corresponding color tanks. Insert the ink in the tanks one by one, and the printer has four ink tanks of black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. Fill them one by one with separate syringes.

Follow the instructions provided by the ink supplier for properly installing the cartridges in the printer. To avoid leaking or harming the ink cartridges, handle them with care.

Step 2. Plugin the Printer and Follow the Instructions

Step 2. Plugin the Printer and Follow the Instructions

Now, plug in the printer cable with a power source and follow the instructions provided in the user guide. Move to the LCD screen of the printer and scroll to the right in the main menu. Click on Settings, then Maintenance, and finally, Ink Cartridge Replacement. Start the ink cartridges replacement.

Step 3. Follow the Instructions on the Screen

Step 3. Follow the Instructions on the Screen

Now move to the printer’s screen and follow the commands that appear on the screen. You will be required to select language and time and adjust ink colors. After that, the printer will begin initialization to detect the ink.

Step 4. Start Initialization and Printing

Step 4. Start Initialization and Printing

The printer initialization will take a few minutes, and you will be ready for printing after the initialization.

Feed the paper in the tray and start printing.

Convertable Epson WorkForce Printers

The list of Epson WorkForce models provided below can be converted for sublimation. Note that each model comes with standard ink, which you can’t use for sublimation. You must buy dye sublimation ink. 

It is worth noting that some printers are discontinued from Epson but can be found in the used market and directly from Epson as refurbished printers. When you buy refurbished printers from certified sellers, they also have a warranty. But if you buy them second-hand, you must be cautious and ensure the printer is functional—especially the print head, which can get clogged due to dried ink when left unused.

Refer to our simple guide on unclogging sublimation printers if you face clogging issues.


Dye sublimation is an effective method for high-quality prints, and with a conversion option, it is reasonably priced. The conversion is a simple task you can carry on, and you will get a sublimation printer out of a regular Epson printer in no time.

Epson WorkForce 2750 is an excellent bet for standard and sublimation printing. It is inexpensive but will compete equally with any expensive printer. The process is as simple as installing ink and a few clicks on the LCD screen of the printer. You can convert any Workforce model for sublimation using the same procedures explained in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the WorkForce printer model better than EcoTank for sublimation?

Choosing a printer depends on cost, printing size, speed, and color accuracy. But if you’re looking for an affordable and durable option, Epson WorkForce is the best bet. The Epson Workforce models are all-in-one printers with printing, scanning, and copying abilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a built-in LCD screen. However, Epson Ecotank models are easiest for conversion as they only require ink refilling. With Workforce models, you must refill and insert ink in refillable cartridges.

Is converting the Epson WorkForce model for sublimation worth it?

Considering the difference between Epson WorkForce models and dye sublimation printers, the WorkForce models cost less than half. Including ink costs, the printers are still affordable, making the converted printers worth the effort.

Does Epson produce dye sublimation printers?

Yes. Epson offers sublimation printers that don’t need to be converted. Epson Surecolor F170 and Epson Surecolor F570 Pro are dye sublimation printers known in the market for professional-level printing, but they are expensive to purchase.

Is it possible to convert a refurbished Epson printer for sublimation?

Yes. You can buy refurbished printers from the authentic market or certified sellers. They can be easily converted for sublimation using the same method as other Epson printers. But if you buy it from a used market, ensure the print heads are still working.

Can I convert any Epson WorkForce model for sublimation?

Epson regularly retires old models to replace them with new ones. Regardless of numbers and names, you can choose any WorkForce model available in the conversion market. Furthermore, the retired models can also be converted for sublimation.

Can I convert my used Epson WorkForce 2750  for sublimation?

It is possible but not recommended. Converting a used sublimation printer is a hectic process, as you must eliminate the previous ink running in the system. You can’t remove the traces altogether; when mixed with sublimation ink, it can negatively affect your prints.

Why doesn’t the printer show an accurate ink level on the screen?

As you are not using the cartridges that come with the printer, the printer can show errors in ink levels. The printers are made to use genuine cartridges, and new cartridges can go undetected by the printer. You don’t have to rely on the displays when you know you have just filled the cartridge, and it’s showing an empty cartridge. Disregard it and start printing.

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