Best Sublimation Designs: Free & Paid Sites

Best Sublimation Designs: Free & Paid Sites

Have trouble finding the best sublimation designs for your personal or professional projects? It can be difficult to strike a balance between affordable and exceptional designs, as free websites may not provide the quality you need. However, premium websites can be pricey and not worth the money.

Sublimation printing has recently gained popularity for creating sportswear, t-shirts, mugs, and promotional products. With the significance of top-notch designs in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best free and paid sublimation design websites to ease your search. These sites offer many outstanding designs, ensuring you find the best fit for your projects. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching, and let our list guide you toward designs that will elevate your business or personal creations.

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8 Websites for Free and Paid Best Sublimation Designs

Below are the best sites you can visit to get sublimation designs. Some can be used to obtain free designs, and others are paid.

1. SoFontsy


So Fontsy Home Screen

This website is excellent for creating sportswear, t-shirts, mugs, promotional items, etc. It may be printed on any fabric of your choice and has a range of designs. Their free collection includes some fantastic designs, while the premium collection contains many unique designs that suit any project. All designs are available for commercial use, and you will not need any attribution to the original designer, which is very convenient.

2. Design Bundles


Designbudles Sublimation Designs

This website is filled with many different sublimation art that come in bundles. These bundles include additional designs for items, including t-shirts, mugs, belts, and more. The advantage of purchasing a bundle is saving money instead of buying each design separately. Furthermore, you will have access to many designs, making it a fantastic resource for anyone who requires a large variety of designs.

3. Etsy Sublimation Designs


Etsy Sublimation Designs

Etsy is the perfect place to find great vintage gifts and home decor. The site has an excellent selection of items for every occasion, including personalized clothing or hand-made accessories that will make you stand out at any event!

Like other sites listed above, Etsy also provides creative designs for various occasions you can select to imprint using sublimation.

4. Vexels


Vexels Home Page Sublimation Designs

Vexels is one of the best resources for free and paid vector art. The website has everything from vectors to brushes, mock-ups, and more. Vexels has many resources for other categories like Photoshop, Sketch, etc. Vector files are usually preferred over raster image formats because they can be increased or decreased without sacrificing quality.

I like Vexel because it is the best source for free vector sublimation files I have ever found online. No other website provides thousands of png images in vector format with transparent background that allows being easily editable.

5. Designious

(Free/Paid) Home Page Sublimation Designs

Designious offers a great variety of designs for both free and premium accounts. The website is easy to use and has amazing designs! The possibilities range from vectors, illustrations, textiles, and patterns. All vector creations can be altered by color changes, resizing, and adding a design element, making it great for customizing your designs to your specific needs. The designs are completely customizable, with all shapes able to have their outlines tweaked, colors altered, and even the opacity changed.

One remarkable thing about Designious is that it gives you various fonts for text designs. Changing the size, opacity, and even color of all the fonts is also an option. Those who choose a premium membership will access a more extensive library of fonts and many other great features, such as sharing your designs across social media platforms and requesting arrangements from other users. A premium account’s greatest benefit is you can unlock unlimited downloads.

6. Buy T-Shirt Designs

(Paid) Home Page Sublimation Designs

BuyT-ShirtDesigns is the most incredible place to find vector and PNG t-shirt designs for sublimation. Bring carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind graphic sublimation t-shirt designs made by some of the top independent t-shirt designers in the industry. Browse a vast selection of t-shirts from designers worldwide, or upload your designs.

They offer over 4,000 unique sublimation design images, including vintage tees, funny tees, holiday tees, and countless others. Grab your next premium t-shirt design or get sublimation shirt ideas at

7. Creative Fabrica


Creative Sublimation Designs

Creative Fabrica has a free and paid section. The site features around two thousand projects across five categories: apparel, home decor fabrics, bags and totes, cake decorating and party supplies, scrapbooking, and stationery.

You can download pictures from the free section for personal and professional use. Additionally, images with royalty-free licenses are available for purchase, enabling their use in products sold or utilized for profit.

8. PNGTree

(Free/Paid) Home Page Sublimation Designs

PNG Tree is a vector and raster graphic design site with an impressive collection of premium sublimation designs. Paid subscription includes PNG images with transparent backgrounds, EPS, SVG files, AI files, and PSD files. There are thousands of premium sublimation vector images for sale in sets or as individual images. In addition to shirts, sublimation designs are also available in bags, phone cases, and mugs. To locate the ideal concept for your project, you can sort images by size. PNG Tree doesn’t have a free section, but you can download one free PNG file per day.


Our expert team has narrowed the list of sublimation design sites from the list of 100s and found the above 8 websites as the best among all other sites available. You will find thousands of vector files and PNG images with transparent background sublimation designs from the sublimation design websites.

The possibilities for using these images are endless, and you can create your unique style design by using different colors and fonts and even adding your image. The most important part about the sublimation design for you is what type of design you need and how much it will cost. We hope our article has helped inform your decision on which website offers exceptional quality and value.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use these designs for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use free and premium vector files for business needs. Please read the license agreements carefully of each website before using their services.

Can I earn money with my purchased or downloaded design?

Some websites allow you to sell up to 100 custom t-shirts before requiring a licensing fee. This may be the case for most designers, but not necessarily for others, depending on the type and number of designs you want to sell. Please read the fine print of each website before making any purchases or using their services for commercial use.

Will I need an additional program to edit my vector file?

If you’re looking for a free vector file, then it won’t be able to be edited in any commercial software such as Adobe Illustrator. However, purchase a vector graphic from one of the sites we mentioned above or download a premium vector file from another website, then yes. A program for vector editing will be available for you to edit the file. Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator are the two greatest programs for this, though there may be others.

What image file type is best for sublimation?

Acceptable file types for sublimation printing include JPEG, SVG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, PSD, and EPS. Utilizing a high-quality image file to achieve a high-quality print is essential. A high-resolution photo is essential for larger prints to maintain the image’s clarity and detail.

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