Best Sublimation Blanks For Effective Heat Transfer

Best Sublimation Blanks For Effective Heat Transfer

The growing dye sublimation market challenges finding top-quality sublimation blanks as countless brands fiercely compete, offering endless options. Some blanks may not be compatible with all printers or inks, resulting in lower image quality. In contrast, others might use less durable materials, leading to fading or peeling designs over time.

It’s vital to be well-informed and know what to consider when choosing sublimation blanks, such as quality, compatibility, and durability. Thorough research is key to making the right purchase and creating long-lasting, beautiful designs. We’ve extensively researched the dye-sublimation market, focusing on sublimation blanks, and identified the top 20 options. After testing, we narrowed this down to the best 7 sublimation blanks. We concisely review each product, including pros and cons, and a comprehensive buying guide to help you decide when purchasing the best sublimation blanks.

Comparison Table

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Best Shirt Blanks
✅ Material: 100% Polyster
✅ Unit Count: 4
✅ Features: Size Options, Pull on
✅ Dimensions: 14.96 x 11.02 x 0.79 inches
✅ Weight: 15.17 Ounces
Best Earrings Blanks
✅ Material: Fiberboard
✅ Unit Count: 36 
✅ Features: Water drop shape
✅ Dimensions: 4.25 x 1.65 x 1.1 inches 
✅ Weight: 0.03 Ounces
Best Mugs Blanks
✅ Material: Porcelain, Stoneware
✅ Unit Count: 36
✅ Features: Microwave safe
✅ Dimensions: 3.25 x 3.75 inches
✅ Weight: 0.79 Pounds
Pink Sodium
Pink Sodium
Best Tumbler Blanks
✅ Material: Stainless Steel
✅ Unit Count: 16
✅ Features: Leak Proof
✅ Dimensions: 13.19 x 9.57 inches
✅ Weight: 13.67 pounds
Best Glass Blank
✅ Material: Glass, Bamboo
✅ Unit Count: 6
✅ Features: Slim design, Frosted
✅ Dimensions: 1.97 x 0.79 inches
✅ Weight: 4.13 pounds
Best Phone Case
✅ Material: Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber
✅ Unit Count: 1
✅ Features: Lightweight 
✅ Dimensions: 3.07 x 0.43 x 6.57 inches
✅ Weight: 7 ounces
Best Key Chain Blanks
✅ Material: Aluminum, Metal, Zinc
✅ Unit Count: 10
✅ Features: Customizable
✅ Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 1 inches
✅ Weight: 11.3 ounces

Top 7 Best Sublimation Blank Brands

Here are our top picks for best sublimation blanks. Each product is carefully chosen for the purpose it serves to help you choose the best according to your needs.

Let us get straight into reviews without further ado.

1. Tarpop: Best Shirt Blanks

Image Credit: Amazon

The Tarpop shirt blanks are a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable blank t-shirt for sublimation or DIY projects. The pack of 4 shirts provides a sufficient quantity to meet your daily needs and the convenience of having multiple shirts for daily changes.

These shirts’ 100% polyester fabric is one of their outstanding qualities. This material is known for its durability, moisture-wicking properties, and ability to hold vibrant colors when printed on. The polyester fabric adds to the shirt’s comfort, making it breathable and stretchy, perfect for summer wear. Furthermore, I noticed exceptionally great print transfer when using the shirt for sublimation.

The blanks smoothly hold sublimation prints without smudges or cracks and remain intact even after several washes.

Highlighted Features

  • Quality polyester fabric for comfort, breathability, and stretchiness.
  • Carefully developed fabrics for a nice white surface.
  • Sublimation using for elasticity and a personalized look.
  • Classic V-neck design that is versatile and reliable without deformation.
  • It can be used for various occasions.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Great quality
  • Great ink handling
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Might be too thin for some users

The Tarpop shirt blanks are a great choice for a high-quality, reliable, and comfortable blank t-shirt. The fabric, style, and care instructions all work together to make these shirts a great option for various purposes.

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2. Birity: Best Earrings Blanks

Image Credit: Amazon

I have recently experimented with the Birity earring blanks, and I have to say, I am impressed with the quality of these earring blanks. The pack of 36 pieces provides great value and plenty of options for my crafting and DIY projects.

The unfinished wood teardrop earring pendants have a blank design, perfect for me as I like to put my imagination to work. The blank surface allowed me to create my patterns and designs, which made it easy to make unique and personalized earrings. I found this feature very liberating, as I can make my designs and add a personal touch to my jewelry.

The earring blanks were also very easy to use. I could apply my designs to the earring blanks with minimal effort.

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable wood material with a smooth surface and good hardness for long-lasting use.
  • Sturdy metal wire hooks and jump rings for comfortable wear and minimal stress.
  • The blank coating on the surface is long-lasting, degradable, and has no peculiar smell.
  • Clean image transfer with crisp edges and vibrant colors on the blanks.
  • Ideal for sublimation DIY projects with blank designs for creative expression.
  • Versatile use for different occasions and as gifts for friends and family.
  • Quality material
  • Light to wear
  • Holds prints for longer
  • Resistant to fading
  • Might be too small for some

I recommend Birity earring blanks for making unique and attractive earrings. The reliable wood material, smooth surface, good hardness, and blank design make these earring blanks a great option for DIY projects and personal use. The pack of 36 pieces also provides great value for the price.

3. Lustracoat: Best Mugs Blanks

Image Credit: Amazon

As a user of Lustracoat mugs, I can confidently say they are the best choice for high-quality sublimation mugs. The coating on these mugs ensures that my designs come out vibrant and vivid, making my mugs truly stand out.

One of the things I love about Lustracoat is that it is completely food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. I can use these mugs for hot or cold drinks; they hold up well in the dishwasher and microwave. Because of this, they are ideal not only for personal use but also for use as gifts or promotional goods.

The mugs are easy to use and carry thanks to their classic C-handle shape. Additionally, they have an 11 oz capacity, which is ideal for a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolaty beverage.

Highlighted Features

  • Case of 36 sublimation-coated stoneware mugs with C-handle for bulk purchase.
  • The sublimation coating of Lustracoat allows for vibrant color transfer.
  • Compatible with mug press or mug wraps for easy customization.
  • They are microwave, and dishwasher-safe for convenience and durability.
  • No back stamps on the mugs for a clean and professional look.
  • Full case purchase for cost-effectiveness.
  • Vibrant prints
  • Great quality
  • Great capacity
  • Precise ink transfer
  • Prints might bleed with improper handling

They come highly recommended to anyone looking for premium sublimation mugs. The coating ensures brilliant and vivid patterns, and the mugs are microwave and dishwasher-safe. With a classic C-handle design and a convenient case of 36, these mugs are perfect for personal use, gifts, or promotional items.

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4. Pink Sodium: Best Tumbler Blanks

Pink Sodium
Image Credit: Amazon

As a Pink Sodium Tumbler Blanks user, I can confidently say that they are the best choice for anyone looking for high-quality tumblers for sublimation. The tumblers are made with food-grade 304 steel, durable and safe for drinks. 

One of the things I love about Pink Sodium Tumbler Blanks is that they come with everything you need to get started. Each package contains 16 tumblers with lids, 16 straws, sublimation paper, shrink wrap, and heat tape. This makes getting started with sublimation simple and convenient.

The tumblers are also easy to sublimate in an oven or a heat press. The included sublimation paper, shrink wrap, and heat tape make the process even more convenient.

Remember that these tumblers come in white boxes, making them perfect for gifting or promotional items.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with food-grade 304 steel for safety and durability.
  • Insulation with a double wall helps keep drinks hot or cold for a long time.
  • Includes 16 tumblers with lids, 16 straws, sublimation paper, shrink wrap, and heat tape for convenience.
  • Individual white boxes for each tumbler for easy storage and distribution.
  • It can be sublimated with an oven or heat press for versatile customization options.
  • Affordable
  • Superior quality
  • Long-lasting prints
  • Prints resistant to fading
  • A bit rough texture

The best affordable superior quality tumblers are ideal for sublimation prints. The surface can hold prints longer, with fewer chances of fading and smearing.

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5. Realkant: Best Glass Blank

Image Credit: Amazon

As a user of Realkant sublimation glass blanks, I can confidently say that they are the best choice for anyone looking for high-quality glass blanks for sublimation. The outsides of these blanks are painted in a dust-free workshop with heat transfer paint that can handle high temperatures. This means the blanks have no impurities, and the designs come out vibrant and ever-lasting.

One of the things I love about Realkant sublimation glass blanks is that they are made of high-quality, durable glass. This indicates that they are durable and safe even after dishwasher washing. For both hot and cold drinks, sublimation glasses are ideal because of their strong construction, which can endure abrupt fluctuations in temperature.

The coating on the outside is made with high-temperature heat-resistant heat-transfer paint, making sublimation effective. It also ensures that the designs are colorful and long-lasting and that the blanks are contaminant-free.

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Highlighted Features

  • Superb sublimation coating made of high-temperature heat-resistant heat transfer paint for bright and long-lasting prints.
  • Two sublimation options with a tumbler heat press machine or oven with shrink-wrapped sleeves for versatility.
  • The high-quality, durable glass can withstand sudden temperature changes and can be used safely in the dishwasher.
  • Bamboo lids with a straw hole are natural, biodegradable, and safe.
  • Package includes 2 sublimation glass jars with lids, rubber bottom base, stainless steel, acrylic straws, straw brush, and sublimation shrink-wrap sleeves for convenience.
  • Thick sublimation glass for durability and long-term use.
  • Heat resistant
  • High-quality coating
  • Durable prints
  • Affordable
  • Frosting might easily wear off

Made of highly durable glass and exceptionally able to hold prints for a long time, the Realkant sublimation blanks are ideal for glass. The surface is ideal for sublimation as it is heat resistant for long-lasting prints.

6. Innosub: Best Phone Case

Image Credit: Amazon

As a user of Innosub phone cases, I can confidently say that they are the best choice for anyone looking for high-quality phone cases for sublimation. The package includes 5 blank sublimation rubber black cases, and aluminum inserts compatible with Galaxy S22 Ultra, making it easy and convenient to get started with sublimation.

One of the things I love about Innosub phone cases is that they offer superior protection for my phone while keeping a slim profile. The case covers all sides and corners of the phone, which protects it from drops, scratches, and other types of damage.

The pressing guidelines are also straightforward, with a suggested temperature range of 176–182 °C (350–360 °F) for 45–60 seconds. This makes getting a flawless transfer onto the phone case simple.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 blank black rubber cases with aluminum inserts can be used with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • Complete protection on all sides and corners.
  • Access to the volume controls, charging connections, and front and back cameras without restriction.
  • Pressing instructions: 176-182 degrees Celsius (350-360 degrees Fahrenheit) for 45-60 seconds.
  • Lightweight for superior handling with ease.
  • The prints stick strongly
  • Durable
  • Great protection
  • Can be difficult to sublimate

With a variety of phone cases offered by Innosub, you can ensure your phone is well protected with fine customized prints. The prints are long-lasting and stick strongly with precise colors.

7. Andubeka: Best Key Chain Blanks

Image Credit: Amazon

As a user of Andubeka keychain blanks, I can confidently say they are the best choice for anyone looking for high-quality keychain blanks for sublimation. These keychains are incredibly easy to sublimate. Andubeka recommends setting the temperature at 365 degrees Fahrenheit / 185 degrees centigrade and heating for about 60-80 seconds.

One of the things I love about Andubeka keychain blanks is that they are made of durable materials, such as zinc alloy and aluminum sheets. They are long-lasting and easy to maintain because of their resistance to rust and corrosion. The durable material also makes the keychain surface smooth and shiny, giving a professional look to the final product.

Another fantastic feature is that Andubeka keychain blanks arrive in a lovely gift box. As a result, they are perfect as gifts or promotional goods. Because of the present box, the keychains are very easy to maintain and carry around.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-functional keychain opener as a key ornament, bottle opener, and sublimation blank.
  • Easy to sublimate with a sublimation printer and recommended heating temperature.
  • Ideal gift for any occasion with personalized and thoughtful gifts.
  • Helps promote business/services by printing logos or company/service information.
  • Made of durable materials resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Smooth and shining surface for a sleek and professional look.
  • Easy to sublimate
  • Durable material
  • Excellent print holding
  • Smooth surface
  • Slightly expensive

The Innosub keychains are incredibly easy to sublimate, with a simple two-step process and recommended heating temperature and time. Its durability sets it apart from other competing brands in the sublimation market. The material can hold prints without damage for a longer time.

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Sublimation blanks are essential to the sublimation printing process. Choosing the best sublimation blanks can significantly impact the completed product’s quality and longevity. It’s important to research and chooses high-quality sublimation blanks to ensure the best results for your projects.

The blanks in our list are carefully selected for quality, so you can choose any without worrying. Our list includes the best sublimation blanks for shirts, earrings, mugs, tumblers, glass, phone cases, and keychains.

When choosing sublimation blanks, it is essential to consider factors like the blank’s material, coating, size, shape, and quality. With our comprehensive buying guide and the top 7 sublimation blanks list, you can make an informed decision and create stunning designs that will last.

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Buying Guide

Several factors must be considered when buying sublimation blanks to guarantee the best quality and most suited items for your unique needs.


Several materials, including ceramic, metal, polyester fabric, and plastic, can create sublimation blanks. Each material has specific properties and can be utilized to create various products. Polyester fabrics are best for clothing and accessories, while ceramic and metal are ideal for mugs and other home decor items. Plastic is a great option for phone cases and other small items.


It’s important to ensure that the sublimation blanks you choose are coated with a polyester that allows the sublimation ink to be absorbed. This coating turns the ink into a gas that sticks to the material’s fibers.

Size and Shape

Sublimation blanks are available in a range of sizes and forms. Be sure to choose blanks that are the appropriate size and shape for your specific project.


As with any product, it’s important to choose sublimation blanks that are of high quality. Low-quality blanks may not absorb the ink properly or withstand repeated washings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I wash sublimated items?

It depends on what the item being sublimated is made of. Items made of polyester that have been sublimated can usually be washed, but it’s important to follow the care instructions so the image doesn’t fade. Ceramic and metal items are not recommended to be washed.

What materials are suitable for sublimation printing?

Polyester textiles, porcelain, metal, and plastic are appropriate for sublimation printing. Each material has distinct qualities and can be used to sublimate various items.

Which material works best for sublimation blanks?

It depends on what kind of product you want to make. Polyester fabrics are best for clothing and accessories, while ceramic and metal are ideal for mugs and other home decor items. Plastic is a great option for phone cases and other small items.

How do I know if a blank is coated for sublimation?

Most sublimation blanks will be labeled as such, and the supplier should also be able to confirm if it is coated.

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