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Richard Scott

Richard Scott is here to share the journey that led me to get started with Printerrify, and it all started with my passion for sublimation printing.

After earning my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas, I became interested in sublimation printing and started researching and experimenting with different techniques. I quickly fell in love with the process and became passionate about everything related to sublimation printing.

Over time, I became an expert in the field and started offering others my sublimation printing services. I soon realized there was a real need for high-quality, affordable sublimation printing solutions, and I decided to start my own sublimation printing company, Printerrify.

I aim to help others know everything there is to know about it. Sublimation printers have become great products for individuals and entrepreneurs, and you can print on a wide range of items such as t-shirts, mugs, cups, plates, bags, hats, keychains, phone cases, and many more. Sublimation printing offers promising business opportunities. I have run a successful sublimation printing business that provides me with the financial stability to invest in sharing my knowledge and experience with others through my blog. My goal is to help you make informed decisions and achieve the best results in printing on various items.

I took the initiative along with a team; most of my friends are also related to sublimation printing in some way or another. David and Andrew share their interest in printing and writing, which keeps our blog flourishing and provides you with what is promised. 

We have accumulated our vast experience in one platform to help you fall in love with sublimation printing.

Our blog isn’t just for a certain group or people with similar experiences. Our team knows what it is like to be a beginner, so they know how to cater to you. Also, we are proud to be a guiding source for professionals in this field. 

Review Process at Printerrify

At Printerrify, we follow a rigorous process to provide our audience with accurate reviews and information regarding sublimation printing.

Selecting Sublimation Printers for Reviews

Our team selects sublimation printers based on their area of expertise, taking into account their features and capabilities for specific purposes. We rely on our vast experience and consult with other experts in the field. Additionally, we never miss reading customer reviews on selected products to ensure we are not missing anything.

Testing Methodology

After filtering out the sublimation printers, we test each one with our standard and rigorous method to measure its true potential and performance in various aspects.

We use high-quality sublimation paper for prints and have accumulated a wide range of images to be printed. We print each image multiple times to ensure the printer is working correctly and performing at its best without glitches.

We have a checklist for evaluating the sublimation printer’s performance, color accuracy, printing speed, ease of use, durability, output quality, and functionality. The results are jotted down during testing and shared with the team for review to ensure accuracy and reliability before presenting it to our audience.

The testing methodology includes the following:

  1. Choosing the best sublimation printers based on their area of expertise.
  2. Testing each sublimation printer for performance, color accuracy, printing speed, ease of use, durability, output quality, and functionality.
  3. Evaluating the results and revising them with team members.
  4. Compiling the content in the outline agreed upon by the team.

Importance of Sublimation Paper, Sublimation Ink, and Substrate Material

The quality of the sublimation paper, ink, and substrate material is crucial to achieving high-quality and durable sublimation prints. Therefore, our team also considers the quality and compatibility of these materials during our review process.

Sublimation paper is specially coated to absorb and hold sublimation ink, and its quality affects the color accuracy and sharpness of the final print. Sublimation ink is formulated to produce vibrant and long-lasting prints when heated and transferred to the substrate material. The substrate material can also affect the quality and durability of the sublimation print, and different materials may require specific types of sublimation ink and paper for optimal results.

In summary, the quality and compatibility of sublimation paper, sublimation ink, and substrate material are essential factors to consider during sublimation printing, and our team at Printerrify considers these factors during our review process to provide our audience with accurate and comprehensive information.

My Future Endeavours

The appreciation and love I received from my audience were unexpected when I started the journey. It is worth the effort and serves as fuel to keep me going. 

I am hopeful for my future endeavors regarding my blog, as it has given me a purpose and meaning. I am fully motivated to invest my energy to make it more engaging and helpful to my audience. I have plans to

  • Explore more ways to improve the blog from all possible angles.
  • Keep testing new sublimation printer models incorporating more advanced testing methods.
  • Keep providing helpful suggestions and information on problems related to printers and printing.
  • Improve user experience and user interface of Printerrify to make navigation easier.

My Team

David Matthew

Greetings! My name is David, and I was inspired by my friend Richard to start this blog to help like-minded individuals who share a passion for sublimation printing. His enthusiasm and knowledge about the technology convinced me that there was a need for a platform that could offer comprehensive information and solutions for sublimation printing users. That’s why I am excited to be a part of his blog and contribute my own expertise to help people succeed in their sublimation printing endeavors. With Richard’s vision and my expertise, we aim to create a community of sublimation printing enthusiasts who can share their experiences and support each other.

Andrew Richardson

Hey, I’m Andrew Richardson, and I’m thrilled to be a part of Richard Scott’s sublimation printing blog site! As a fellow graphic designer, I share Richard’s passion for this amazing printing technology. After experimenting with sublimation printing on my own, Richard offered me the opportunity to join him as a content writer for the blog. I jumped at the chance to share my knowledge and experiences with others as passionate about sublimation printing as I am. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!